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Want to be a Electrical Distribution Worker?

The Job

Electricity distribution workers install and maintain the equipment and machinery used to supply electricity from power stations to our homes, industry and businesses

What's the work like

The work is mainly outdoors (in all weather conditions), and can be physically demanding, which will often involve lifting and carrying of reasonably heavy loads

What skills and knowledge will I need?

You will need to need to have, amongst other things, good practical skills and be able to use a range of tools and instruments and have a good level of manual dexterity

What qualifications should I have?

Although not always necessary, one way to get into this type of work is through an apprenticeship scheme. For this, most employers will expect you to have at least four GCSEs (with grades between A-C)

What sort of hours would I have to work?

You would typically work a 40-hour week, probably doing some shift work and/or taking part in a standby rota for emergencies outside normal working hours

How much can I expect to earn

Depending on your employer and where you live, an apprentice will earn around 8,000 a year, rising to around 19,000 towards the end of your training [as at 2009]

What opportunities are there

Electricity distribution workers are mainly employed by distribution network operators

Useful websites:

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