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Want to be an Electrician?

The Job

An electrician installs, inspects, tests and maintains, electrical wiring and equipment and appliances


Any environment where electricity is used: mostly indoors, but sometimes outdoors. They work in people's homes, offices, factories, construction and building sites, workshops, power stations and laboratories and many of other places

What's the work like?

Electricians work from plans to install cables and electrical wiring, accessories and equipment as well as controls for central heating or cooling systems for instance

What skills and knowledge will I need?

Be able to read instructions, interpret drawings, and do some basic maths. Have good practical skills to work with your hands and power tools

Anything else?

Electricians must have normal colour vision to be able to differentiate between the different coloured wiring in cables

What qualifications should I have?

Some GCSE qualifications and, as a minimum, you should aim to get Grade C (or above) in at least Maths, English and a Science

What sort of hours would I have to work?

Between 35 to 40 hours a week, Monday to Friday

How much can I expect to earn?

A first year apprentice's starting salary is about 7,025 per year. By final year of training, it could rise to 18,363 per year [as at 2009]

What opportunities are there?

There is always a need for good qualified electricians. Electrical contractors, builders, manufacturers and engineering companies are always looking for skilled craftsmen

Useful websites:

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