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Want to be an Electrical Engineering Technician?

The Job

Electrical engineering technicians build, install, maintain, operate and repair electrical equipment such as generators, transformers and control gear.

What’s the work like

Depending on what your employer does (or makes), you will follow engineering instructions and use wiring and circuit diagrams when working on installations and carrying out repairs

What skills and knowledge will I need?

You would be working with other professionals such as mechanical engineering technicians and IT staff, so you will need to be able communicate with staff at all levels and have good technical, practical and problem-solving skills.

What qualifications should I have?

There is more than one route to becoming an engineering technician. The preferred entry route is to train with an employer as a technician apprentice.

What sort of hours would I have to work?

Hours of work may vary, but expect to work somewhere around 40 hours a week, which may include shift work.

How much can I expect to earn

Your pay will vary according to where and who you work for. However, as a guide, a newly qualified technician could earn somewhere between £18,500 and £24,000 per year [as at 2009].

What opportunities are there

There are plenty of opportunities in the UK for qualified technicians, across a wide range of industries. There are even more if you want to work overseas.

Useful websites:

The following websites should be useful for job vacancies and general information: