Revision Quiz: Electric Current

Age: 11-14 Year Olds

Question 1

The rate of flow of charge in a wire is called ....?

Question 2

An electric current flowing in a wire is due to the movement of what in the wire?

Question 3

An example of a solid that conducts electricity is ...?

Question 4

A material that will not conduct electricity is called a ....?

Question 5

A battery is connected to a small torch bulb so that a current flows. The traditional direction of the flow of current and the flow of the electrons is:

Question 6

If a second battery is connected in series with the first battery the current in the circuit will ...?

Question 7

If a smaller current flows through a lamp the lamp will get ...?

Question 8

Will a single lamp connected to a battery be the same, brighter or dimmer than two similar lamps connected in series to the same battery?.

Question 9

If the current through a wire gets really large the wire will ...?

Question 10

Electric current is measured in ...?

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