Revision Quiz: Electromagnetic Induction

Age: 14-16 Year Olds

Question 1

Why is iron preferred to steel for use as the core of an electromagnet?

Question 2

If the current is switched on as shown in the diagram which way does the wire move?


Question 3

The diagram shows the end of a coil in a magnetic field. What happens to the coil?


Question 4

What happens when a bicycle dynamo is connected across a moving coil voltmeter and turned slowly?

Question 5

The diagram shows a form of current measuring instrument. What happens to the compass needle if the current in the coil is increased?


Question 6

What do the brushes do in a generator?

Question 7

How would you increase the voltage output of a generator?

Question 8

What is the commutator for in an electric motor?

Question 9

Why is an alternator used in petrol engine cars?

Question 10

Why is electricity transmitted across the country at high voltage / low current?

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