GCSE Revision Quiz: Transmission

Age: 14-16 Year Olds

Question 1

Electricity is distributed from power stations through...?

Question 2

The electricity distributed through power cables mainly looses energy....?

Question 3

The power loss in a power cable...?

Question 4

For a cable of resistance 0.1 Ohms and carrying a current of 10 Amps the power loss will be...?

Question 5

The resistance of a given length of power cable can be reduced by ...?

Question 6

Significantly increasing the thickness of the power cable is not practical because...?

Question 7

The alternative to reducing resistance to reduce energy loss from the power cables is... ?

Question 8

Transformers are used in power distribution to reduce energy loss by...?

Question 9

Electricity is distributed around the country through the ...?

Question 10

The maximum voltage used by the National Grid for long distance power transmission is...?

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