Changing a fuse in a plug

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If any of your electrical appliances stop working when you’ve switched them on, it may be because the fuse has blown or the wires in the plug have become loose, which will stop the appliance from working.

rememberIf the fuse has blown, then change the fuse by unscrewing the back of the plug, removing the cover and changing the fuse. If the problem happens again, it is likely you have a fault in the appliance, which you will need to fix if you can or refer to the manufacturer of the product for advice.

rememberCheck what rating the fuse should be and replace it with the same rated fuse. If in doubt, check the appliance’s instructions or ask the manufacturer.

Changing fuse

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In a plug, the fuse is there for protection. It contains a piece of wire that melts easily. If the current flowing through a fuse is too large, then the wire will melt and break the circuit.

Fuses come in standard ratings, 3A, 5A and 13A and the fuse used should be a higher current than needed for the appliance. So a 10A device would have a 13A fuse.

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