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General Safety Tips


Taking electrical appliances, such as plug-in radios and hair dryers, into your bathroom is very dangerous and could cause you to be electrocuted. So, don’t do it.


If you get toast stuck in a toaster, don’t try to get it out whilst the toaster is still plugged in, especially not with a knife, or you could get an electric shock.

Plugs & Sockets

Regularly check the plugs, sockets and cables for signs of scorching or fraying. If damaged, make sure you get your parents to get them repaired or replaced.


Don’t let leads from electrical equipment, such as toasters or kettles, trail across your cooker tops or it could cause a fire.

Drying your hands

Always dry your hands before you use any electrical equipment or you could get an electric shock.


Ask your parents if they have them installed or use a plug in one when working outdoors with garden or power tools. If not, remind them, they should, as an RCD reduces the risk of electric shock.

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